Molecular control of the human brain barriers in health and neuroinflammation
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ESR 12 vision / project

Sabela Rodríguez Lorenzo - Stichting VU University Amsterdam & VU Medical Center Amsterdam

ESR 12

Molecular control of the human blood-CSF barrier in health and neuroinflammation


In this project we aim to identify molecules and pathways involved in human blood-CSF barrier (BCSFB) dysfunction in neuroinflammatory disorders, with a focus on multiple sclerosis, using RNA sequencing. Relevance of identified pathways and altered expression thereof will be investigated using functional assays. Ultimately, we aim to unravel the role of the BCSFB in health and neuroinflammation.

Expected Results

Identification of molecular pathways involved in BCSFB dysfunction will allow us to define novel therapeutic targets for restoring this brain barrier in neuroinflammatory disorders.

Hosting institution

Stichting VU University Amsterdam & VU Medical Center Amsterdam, Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology, Netherlands

Main Supervisor

Elga de Vries

Early Stage Researcher

Sabela Rodríguez Lorenzo