Blood-brain barrier derived non-conding RNAs as functional biomarkers for the aging BBB versus the BBB in Alzheimer’s Disease

ESR 7 vision / project

Ricardo Figueiredo - GenXPro GmbH


Blood-brain barrier derived non-conding RNAs as functional biomarkers for the aging BBB versus the BBB in Alzheimer’s Disease

Project Results

Ricardo FIGUEIREDO (ESR 7) performed his Ph.D. studies at GenXPro GmbH under the supervision of Dr. Peter Winter and in cooperation with Amaia Belloso (ESR4) and Dr. Stefan Liebner from the Goethe University, Frankfurt.

During the Ph.D. project, he developed new methodologies that enables to accurately study small and messenger RNA from samples containing minute amounts of nucleic acids. The innovative methodologies are commercially available by GenXPro GmbH. They are being used in several fields of biology and included in a number of scientific publications (e.g. doi: 10.3390/biom9110666).

During the project, he studied small RNA content of blood from Alzheimer’s disease AD mouse models. He identified biomarkers that have been related to the development of AD. Additionally, he studied the genetic regulations mediating the blood-brain barrier dysfunction in AD, with a special focus on the miRNA-mediated post-transcriptional regulation. These results will be published soon.

Status (2022)

Expected to finish this summer

Current position

Research and Development Scientist at GenXPro GmbH

BtRAIN publications

Flow induces barrier and glycocalyx-related genes and negative surface charge in a lab-on-a-chip human blood-brain barrier model. Santa-Maria Ana R.; Walter Fruzsina R; Figueiredo R; et al. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. (2021).

Echovirus-30 Infection Alters Host Proteins in Lipid Rafts at the Cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier In Vitro. Wiatr, M.; Staubach, S.; Figueiredo, R. et al.Microorganisms. (2020).

Advancing brain barriers RNA sequencing: guidelines from experimental design to publication. Francisco, D. M. F.; Marchetti, L.; Rodríguez-Lorenzo, S.; Frías-Anaya, E.; Figueiredo, R. M. et al. Fluids Barriers CNS 17, 51 (2020).

Astrocyte-derived Wnt growth factors are required for endothelial blood-brain barrier maintenance. Guérit, S.; Fidan, E.; Macas, J.; Czupalla, C.; Figueiredo, R. et al. Progress in Neurobiology (2020).

Polar Infection of Echovirus-30 Causes Differential Barrier Affection and Gene Regulation at the Blood–Cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier. Wiatr, M.; Figueiredo, R. et al. Int. J. Mol. Sci. (2020).

Contribution of brain pericytes in blood–brain barrier formation and maintenance: a transcriptomic study of cocultured human endothelial cells derived from hematopoietic stem cells. Heymans, M.; Figueiredo, R. et al. Fluids Barriers CNS 17, 48 (2020).

Hosting institution

GenXPro GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany

Main Supervisor

Peter Winter

Early Stage Researcher

Ricardo Figueiredo