What is BtRAIN research about?

In their function to protect the central nervous system (CNS) from neurotoxic compounds the brain barriers block delivery of drugs to the CNS thus hindering proper diagnosis and effective treatment of neurological disorders. The high complexity of the brain barriers has severely hampered progress in the CNS therapeutic market.

BtRAIN will create a truly novel next generation of brain barriers researchers, who have integrated the trans-disciplinary expertise including experimental methodology, thinking and language provided within BtRAIN.

Their unique abilities to design out of the box research approaches will make them highly desired researchers in the academic and non-academic sector devoted to brain barriers research.

BtRAIN bridges this gap by creating unique knowledge on the vertebrate brain barrier signature genes and their specific role in regulating brain barriers function in development, health, ageing and disease. This is prerequisite to overcome the unmet need for the development of diagnostic or therapeutic tools at the level of the brain barriers.

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